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Jolly is for you if you hire workers like these:

Server (catering, food, etc.) • Bartender or mixologist • Barback • Event setup • Event planning & coordination • A/V & Lighting • General crew • Customer service & ticketing • Security • Driving & delivery • Brand ambassador & event marketing • Entertainer or DJ • Model • Hair stylist • Makeup artist • Photography • Videography • Food prep & kitchen • Construction • Cleaning • Business services • Sales & marketing • Design & web • IT & network technician • Repair & tech support • Wellness & personal care • Sports officials • Video/film production crew • Video/film post-production • Production assistant • Other work in the real world :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the workers on Jolly high quality?

Jolly is a social network open to seasoned freelancers and newbies alike. Check out a freelancer's profile to learn more about them and see their resume, past coworkers and employers, positions for hire (along with rates and years of experience), and past jobs they've worked.

Badges are a quick reference. The "Ready & Willing" badge means they've added contact info and are ready to work. The "Active Freelancer" badge means they've worked a job in the past 60 days. And, the "Connected" and "Super Connected" badges show you how big of a freelancer network they have.

After you've found some good candidates, you can contact them directly (for free!) to conduct your own vetting, check availability, and communicate about jobs.

What's the cost? Are there fees?

Jolly for Business is completely free to sign up and get started. You can create your business profile, search and filter through a massive network of freelancers, post jobs, and recruit workers — all for free.

You can also grow your business network by connecting with freelancers you've worked with in the past. You'll be able to see who they know and might be able to introduce you to. Growing your business network on Jolly is a great way to build a pool of workers you can tap into any time.

We offer a Pro upgrade to businesses that want advanced features, additional branding on the business profile, and more. To learn more about Jolly Pro, sign up here.

Are there freelancers nearby me?

Your local freelancer community is probably already on Jolly! With tens of thousands of freelancers around the country, it's likely you'll find a pool of event freelancers nearby.

Meanwhile, Jolly is growing rapidly, with thousands of new freelancers signing up each month.

If you're located outside the US, don't worry - we're coming your way soon! Go ahead and sign up for access, and you'll be the first to know when Jolly is live in your country.

Will I receive junk email if I sign up?

Our philosophy is this: we strive to keep notifications to the absolute minimum, without leaving you in the dark about important activity.

You can opt out of any email notifications.

By default, here's what you'll receive:

1. A message to verify your email address

2. A notification when a freelancer wants to work a job you posted

3. A notification when someone wants to connect with you on Jolly

4. A monthly digest of relevant activity in your city

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