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4 Things to Know About Paying your Freelancers through a Third Party

Paying your independent contractors via checks or cash is inefficient and risky—but paying them through a 3rd party processor solves these problems. If you're wondering how to pay freelancers online, this article is for you.

Paying Freelancers and 1099 Contractors through a 3rd Party

Quick, Secure Payments

Once your bank information is stored by a 3rd party Freelancer Management System, you can process payments to your 1099 independent contractors in seconds. Payment usually arrives in 3-5 business days. Payment processors such as Dwolla go to exhaustive measures to make sure your payment information--and the payout information of your providers--is secure and inaccessible.

No more 1099s

If you use software like the Jolly Freelancer Management System (Jolly FMS) that utilizes a 3rd party payment processor to facilitate all your payments to your freelancers, you'll never have to file a 1099 MISC for them. Jolly does the legwork on your behalf and files 1099s with the exact amounts you paid each of your contractors. Say goodbye to that yearly headache once and for all!

Track Expenses by Person and Project

Jolly FMS helps you track all of your payments through our 3rd party processor along with all of the information about the work they did. As a result, it's incredibly easy for your business to analyze expenses both by contractor and project.

Setup Takes Minutes

Entering your payment details for Jolly FMS and our 3rd party partner, Dwolla, is as easy as checking out at your favorite online store. Add your bank account information, provide some info to verify your identity, and you're ready to go!

It's just as easy for your contractors as well. They'll provide bank account information, some identifying information, and they're ready to get paid. It's a breeze.

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Founder of Panacea Collective

Austin, Texas

We can now easily pay and schedule team members in one place. As we drive growth we expect this to continuously deliver significant operational efficiencies.


Founder of Early Bird Tacos

San Francisco, California

We were very fortunate to discover and onboard with this labor management platform. In it we've found a piece of technology that allows us to continue to scale.


Founder of Sourced Craft Cocktails

Denver, Colorado

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