Freelancer management system & payment software for businesses that rely on 1099 freelancers

Owners and managers call it “life changing”

Onboard contractors to your company

Assign or offer jobs to 1 or more workers

Dashboard view, sync with your calendar

Track work, communicate and share files

Review and pay contractor invoices

Jolly handles W9s & 1099s for you

Managing workers takes a fraction of the time it took before. This enables us to grow our business faster. Not only faster, but also in exciting new ways.


Founder of Panacea Collective

Austin, Texas

We can now easily pay and schedule team members in one place. As we drive growth we expect this to continuously deliver significant operational efficiencies.


Founder of Early Bird Tacos

San Francisco, California

We were very fortunate to discover and onboard with this labor management platform. In it we've found a piece of technology that allows us to continue to scale.


Founder of Sourced Craft Cocktails

Denver, Colorado

The Jolly Freelancer Management System is built on the web's most reliable infrastructure

Organize, coordinate and pay all types of 1099 freelance workers with the Jolly Freelancer Management System

Server (catering, food, etc.) • Bartender or mixologist • Barback • Event setup • Event planning & coordination • A/V & Lighting • General crew • Customer service & ticketing • Security • Driving & delivery • Brand ambassador & event marketing • Entertainer or DJ • Model • Hair stylist • Makeup artist • Photography • Videography • Food prep & kitchen • Construction • Cleaning • Business services • Sales & marketing • Design & web • IT & network technician • Repair & tech support • Wellness & personal care • Sports officials • Video/film production crew • Video/film post-production • Production assistant • Other work in the real world :)

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Jolly FMS pricing plans fit a wide range of companies, from startups with a small pool of workers, up to enterprises with hundreds of contractors processing hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. To learn more, schedule a demo with us.